3mm Brass Wire Wheel Brush Cup forDrill Rust Weld Die Grinder for Sale with BTC on Gipsybee.com


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Product Specification

Description :

3mm Brass Wire Wheel Brush Cup for Rotary Dremel Tool Drill Rust Weld Die Grinder

3mm Brass wire brushes(CUP shape)
Suitable for your Die Grinder &  Rotary Machine tools.
Ideal for Removing Rust/Corrosions from Any Metal Surfaces  (e.g.: Steel, Aluminum, Zinc Alloy, Brass, Copper,  etc.),especially Precious metals.
Fit your hand drill, drill press & your Dremel® and Foredom®tool with a 1/8" collet.
Perfect Accessories for Jewelers, Locksmiths, Gunsmith,Technicians, Coin Collectors, Archeologist, Students & ect.

Specification :

Overall length : 43mm
Shank diameter : 3mm (close to 1/8 inch)
Wheel diameter : 25mm
Wheel thickness : 1mm to 2mm

Package included :

1 x 3mm Brass wire brushes

Details pictures :