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Product Specification

-Hair removal/rejuvenation, one machine dual-use -999,999 pulse IPL light, not only can effectively remove facial hair, promote cell regeneration, restore skin elasticity. It is suitable for hair removal of all skin types in the whole body, including face, arms and underarms. Bikini line, legs, back and chest. Completely remove hair without leaving out, leaving the skin feeling clean, soft and smooth.
-IPL technology-Due to its built-in strong pulse light technology, the IPL hair removal device is effective and painless. IPL light is absorbed by the melanin in the hair follicles under the skin, which can inhibit hair growth. Long-lasting, gentle hair suppression, bringing you an efficient and comfortable hair removal experience.
-2 gear flash mode-5 stalls to switch the stall interval is only 3 seconds, hair removal efficiency increased by 30%. The intensity of light can be adjusted freely, effectively resisting different skin tones and hair colors (not applicable for dark brown skin and black skin). The gentle IPL light irradiation can remove hair even on very sensitive parts.
-Double-burr molding-perfect fit to the skin, comfortable to use, will not cause burden on the skin. Automatic continuous flash is suitable for large area hair removal. The large irradiation area of 3.0cm saves time and effort.
-When to see the result: Just 4-5 times of self-treatment, the hair of most users will drop, which is equivalent to the effect of professional laser surgery. The best results require at least 6 months of continuous use.
-The LCD screen brings you a brand new experience, it is recommended to wear sunglasses when using it.

Color: White + Black
Lamp: Quartz Lamp
Product Size: 140x67x185.5 mm
Working Temperature: -10℃-35℃
Working Humidity: 30%-75%
Power Supply: AC
Voltage: Wide Voltage
Style: US、UK、AU、EU

Package Included:
1 x IPL epilator
1 x Adapter
1 x Operating manual 
1 x Sunglasses
1 x Shaver