2 6L Portable Steam Sauna Room Home SPA Bath Tent Full Body Slimming Detox for Sale with BTC on Gipsybee.com


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Body Care

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Product Specification

-Waterproof & washable material & no requirement for inflation.
-Easily adjust power and time by a remote control or the button of steame.
-Intelligent timed temperature adjustment & 9 levels temperature adjustment functions.
-Three-layer cloth has better effect in heating preservation
-Includes some extra accessories, such as chair,medicinebox, etc.
-Steam sauna suitable for the crowd: People in sub-health, women postpartum recovery, body shaping or slimming, aches of muscle, shoulders, necks, waist, knee joint and, people in insomnia, people with high mental pressure etc.
-It is useful in remove toxin,relieving pressure, easing insomnia, health preservation, dispelling body coldness.
-The portable and washable steam sauna with much benefits can be used in privacy of your home, apartment or other living environment without large spaces. Of course, it also suits for spacious living environment.

Type: Steam Sauna Room
Material: ABS+Stainless Steel+Waterproof Cloth
Color: White/Purple
Voltage: 220V
Plug: EU Plug
Capacity Of Water: 2.6L
Timer: 5-95minutes
Size: approx.78x88x100cm/30.71x34.65X39.37inch

Package Included:
1x Steam Sauna Room
1x Folding chair
1x Generator
1x Remote Control
1x Herbal Box
1x Carrying Bag
1x Steam Hose
1x Manual