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Product Specification

Gear shaft Gearbox Tools For 4 strokes 4hp are controlled by the handle, which is operated by the clutch.
There is no Neutral, only idle mode or low speed mode
What you will receive is our new version of this boat engine  
Overall length: 92CM
Overall widteh: 36.5cm
Overall height: 22cm
Transom height: 42cm
Full throttle perating ran-ge: 4500-5500r/min
Maximum output: 2.9kw(4HP)
Speed: 12km/h(six people) 
Type: 4-stroke
Number of cylinders: 1
Cylinder displacement: 55CC
Ignition system: CDI system
Starting system: Manual start
Staring carburetion system: handle start]
Propeller mark: 7-1/45-A(inch)
The engine and the propeller ratio: 2:1
Recommended fuel: NO.93 gasoline
Fuel to oil ratio: 35:1 (Please be suject to this version, and disregard the manual about this point)
Gear ratio: 27/13
Short shaft :40cm 
When at normal cruising,the appearance of the seventh picture. Falling back the boat,
the appearance of the outboard motor likes the eighth picture . Falling back the boat,
you should drive slowly otherwise the boat will not stable. The outboard motor backet can re-volve 360. Only in 
simple let the engine re-volve 180 and the operation handle face back,the boat can falling back to drive.
After in the sea water or turbid water cruising
1.Use the fresh water cleaning the outboard motor
2.With the moderate SPREED circulating the engine,cool off the water down with fresh water.
3.Before completely running out cooling water,don't put the outboard motor outside.
Otherwise the water cam pass the exhaust port to enter the 
air cylinder, from that will cause the engine breakdown.
4.The engine should deposit in the aridity and ventilated well place,avoid exposing directly in the sunshine.
5.Before the long term storing,you should run out of the gasoline in the fuel tank.
Please add gear oil to the gears before use the motor and replace gear oil after the run-in period (10hours).
(if you do not know how to handle this, please contact with us )
Cylinder Scoring is a serious damage,which caused by improper use and will cost you a lot of money to repair the motor.
Don't do the following will avoid cylinder Scoring:
1, start the motor on bank
2, use the motor when it stop coming out of water
Even if you want test the motor, it should be done in the river!
When there is no water coming out from the motor,please stop using it immediately ,
then check the impeller of Water pump or check if the water outlet has been blocked.
Package Included:
1 X Gear shaft Gearbox Tools