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Product Specification


Product model: AK_DB32_Color
Power supply/upgrade interface: Micro-USB
Input requirements: 5V/1A (forbidden to exceed 5V voltage)
Output power: 5W
Product size: 181*16*15mm
Net weight: about 86g

Special Feature:

- Built-in high-sensitivity microphone pickup (voice-activated induction).
- 8 kinds of animation effects, 24 sets of preset color combinations, can be superimposed on the illusion style and dual spectrum.
- Aluminum alloy all-in-one chassis and customized LED light-emitting modules to ensure uniform and soft color.
- 32 independent RGB Symphony integrated LED lights.
- The rising speed and falling speed of the rhythm, the holding time of the peak light, and the falling speed of the peak light can all be adjusted separately.
- You can choose a custom monochrome mode or phantom color display theme style.
- AGC automatic gain algorithm guarantees the best effect when the input signal amplitude changes.
- You can choose whether to turn on the gradient effect.
- Multi-level adjustment of the brightness of the lamp.
- Support display direction switching and dual spectrum display.
- Entertainment highlight flashing light effect.
- The sensitivity of the microphone can be adjusted in 30 levels.
- The response speed of AGC automatic gain can be adjusted in 30 levels.
- Exclusive software to eliminate environmental noise
It can significantly reduce the impact of environmental noise on the use of voice-activated products.
- 5V-USB plug and play

Common Problem:

Q1: How does the sound field pickup atmosphere light work? Where is it generally used?
A: Light up the rhythmic ambient light by picking up the ambient sound. It can be placed on any occasion with regular rhythm music. It has a built-in microphone, eliminating the trouble of connecting audio cables. Refer to occasions to create an e-sports atmosphere next to the computer, a music companion in a car, a music room, and an eye-catching decoration in a restaurant.
Q2: How can the wiring work normally?
A: You only need a Mirco USB interface standard power cord, plug it into the 5V USB power port to work normally.
Q3: How to switch between colors and dynamic effects?
A: The pickup ambient light 1 is operated by two buttons UP and DOWN. Single click, long press, continuous tap (double-click, triple-click, etc. to open different setting modes)
Q4: If the current listening environment is very noisy, can it be used normally?
A: The sound pickup ambient light has a built-in noise reduction algorithm exclusive algorithm. You can turn on the environmental noise description function by pressing the button. After turning on the function, the environmental noise will not output the waveform spectrum, and only the music spectrum will be displayed on the light. (The premise is that the music must be louder than the ambient noise).
Q5: What if my environmental noise keeps changing?
A: If the noise problem cannot be solved after turning on the ambient noise transition function, it is recommended to lower the sensitivity of the light.
Q6: If the sound is sometimes loud and sometimes very low when listening to music, do I need to recalibrate it?
A: The sound pickup ambient light has a built-in software AGC algorithm (automatic gain control), which can ensure that within the sensitivity range of the microphone, as long as there is music input, the pickup light will show the best matching effect according to the size of the music . The following speed of AGC can be set separately according to the different needs of users.
(The following speed of AGC can be understood as the following time of AGC from the maximum sound to the minimum sound of music)
Q7: How to wire and use if it is put on the car?
A: If the car has a USB5V output, it can be used directly. If the car outputs a 12V power supply, you can buy a power converter to convert it to 5V and then connect it to the pickup lamp.
(Note: For safety, do not place it in the airbag popup area! The pickup ambient light is designed for safe low-voltage components, and it is not allowed to use a USB power supply port higher than 5V, especially not to insert a mobile phone charging head with fast charging function)
Q8: Can the light group change color?
A: The pickup ambient light uses 32 full-color independent LEDs, and the built-in firmware has built-in commonly used colors. So only need to change simple settings to achieve the purpose of changing the color. At the same time, this light is divided into monochrome mode and In the color mode, the colors of the main light bar and peak light of each mode can be set individually.
Q9: Can the reaction speed of the lamp be changed?
A: Taking into account the usage habits of everyone. When we leave the factory, there is a default value that meets the needs of most users, but there are some users who like to respond faster, or slower, or peak light If the dwell time is longer, the descending speed of the Zheng value lamp will be slower. All our lights can enter a setting mode to set these parameters individually. (The rising and falling speed of the main light bar, the dwell time and falling speed of the peak light can be set separately)
Q10: Can the brightness of the lamp be adjusted?
A: The brightness can be adjusted according to the actual use environment. By long pressing the UP/DOWN key stepless linear adjustment.