USB bluetooth4 0 Adapter Receiver Transmitter USB Dongle Supports Win8 for Mobile Phone Computer Headset Audio Shengwei UDC 324 for Sale with BTC on


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Bluetooth Adapters Dongles

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Product Specification


1. Brand: Shengwei

2. Model: UDC-324D

3. Size: 32.8 x 18.2 x 7.9MM

4. Interface: USB

5. Color: black, white

6. bluetooth standard: 4.0


1. Support dual mode EDR / LE stereo audio transmission.

2. Small and exquisite design, take it with you and don't take up space.

3. When there is no obstacle, the signal can be transmitted at a distance of 20m.

4. Broadcom intelligent chip, faster transmission rate, more stable, better compatibility.

5. Support 3mbps transmission rate, provide high-speed file, audio data transmission.

6. 24 bit CRC check to resist interference, adaptive frequency hopping, reduce crosstalk, more stable signal.

Package Includes:

1 x bluetooth adapter

1 x Certificate

1 x Warranty card