3450W Miner Power Supply 140mm Cooling Fan ATX 12V Version 2 31 Computer Power Supply Mining for BTC Bitcoin Mining Server for Sale with BTC on Gipsybee.com


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Product Specification


Type: 3450W Power Supply(European regulations)
Power Out: 3450W
Plus: Platinum Label
Material: Metal
Module Type: Full module output
Color: Black
PFC Type: Active
Size: 295 * 185 * 85mm
Weight: Approx. 6kg
Input voltage: 180-240v
Interface: 20+4pin,8 IDE,7 SATA,24*6+2pin


140mm large fan design for optimal system cooling and maximizing performance Matte black color coating.
ATX 12V version 2.31
Support all latest processor from Intel and AMD.
It can run 12 best video cards
With 140mm cooling fan
No.18 copper output wire
Sufficient material,strong output 
High energy efficiency, 90% transforming rate
New 4th Gen CPU technologies supported.
Multi GPU technologies supported.
Intel and AMDAMD supported.
Short circuit and over voltage protection.
Ball bearing fan and grill.
Fit for all kind of bitcoin machine.

Package Listing:

1 x Miner Power Supply