2400W Mining Miner Power Supply Mining Rig Platinum Antminer APW3 Power Supply For S7 S9 L3 D3 R4 for Sale with BTC on Gipsybee.com


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Product Specification

1. New ball fan, cooling effect is excellent,
2. Wire excuse all gold-plated, super-conductive, to enhance the rate.
3.Large capacitors, transistors, transformers and other major components for all Taiwan-funded factories
4. Up to 95% conversion rate (while the passive PFC conversion rate is often below 70%), more energy! More environmentally friendly!
5. active PFC power supply with the advantages of high reliability;
6. The output does not fluctuate with the input voltage, so a highly stable output voltage is obtained, protecting the computer virtually.

Rated power:2400W (MAX 2600W)
Interface: 12 x p6 single power S7 S9 L3 + D3 R4 mine power supply
conversion rate:Over 95%
Power Supply Standard (ATX 12V 2.31) For Single Power Supply S7 S9 L3 + D3 R4 Mine Power Supply

Package included:
1 x Mining Miner Power Supply

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