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Product Specification


-High power, strong penetration and good effect.
-Clean and export, sound wave import, smooth wrinkles, lift and tighten.
-Multifunctional in one:
-Thermal conductivity mode: reach the appropriate temperature of the skin, open the pores, and export the grease and dirt.
-Import mode: The essence is injected into the bottom of the skin for three minutes, and the effect is improved multiple times.
-High-frequency vibration: high-frequency sound waves make the skin more delicate.
-Principle of Ultrasonic Skin Care:
-Function 1: Ultrasound enhances skin elasticity.
-High-strength shaking, positive ions absorb dirt, improve skin elasticity and moisture, and enhance skin absorption.
-Function 2: Positive ions are exported to precipitate dirt.
-The micro-current opens up the blocked hair follicles and sebaceous glands, absorbs dirt and removes them, inhibits pigmentation, and prevents acne, acne, and blackheads.
-Function 3: Ultrasonic anion introduces nutrition.
-Through the drainage of negative ions, it repairs damaged skin, introduces the essence of skin care products to the bottom of the skin, and quickly penetrates to double skin care.
-Point-touch panel, simple operation, microcomputer panel, simple and convenient to use.
-Titanium probe, beauty and body, more stable quality, safe and quicker results.
-The top interface design, long-line link, more durable, safer and easy to beauty.

Probe Introduction (titanium alloy flat probe):

1. Titanium alloy flat probe: suitable for the face and the whole body, it can introduce the essence, let the skin absorb nutrition, dredge the body for physical therapy, and tighten the face.
2. Ultrasonic export probe: The export probe can discharge lead and mercury, clean the face, export facial toxins, and wake up young skin.


Name: Ultrasonic Beauty Apparatus
Power: 150W
Color: White
Power Input: 100V - 220V
Product Size: 26x 20x5cm
Use Range: face/body

Package Included:

1x Host
1/2x Probe
1x Adapter
1x Manual

Detail Pictures: