Ultra micro Oxyhydrogen Small Bubbles Facial Cleansing Oxygen Injection Hydrating Skin Comprehensive Management Beauty Salon Equipment for Sale with BTC on Gipsybee.com


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Beauty Equipment

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Product Specification



-Improve and regulate skin problems from the source, suitable for all types of skin.

-Deep Cleaning, brightens skin, shrinks pores, and improves firmness.

-Deeply moisturize, make skin full of water, brighten and rejuvenate skin, replenish skin moisture from the inside out.

-Essence introduction, the skin care essence is introduced into the bottom of the skin, quickly penetrates, and doubles the skin care.

-Firming and lifting, improving skin elasticity and moisture, and enhancing skin absorption.

-BIO lifting handle, tighten skin, remove wrinkles.

-Ice cold hammer handle to soothe the skin and shrink pores.

-LED colorful mask, photon rejuvenation, improve skin texture.

-Ion spray handle, nano oxygen injection, brightening and moisturizing.

-Ultrasonic import head, sound wave import, high frequency vibration.

-Hydrogen and oxygen cleaning handle, remove blackheads, clean the face.

-High-frequency shoveling handle, remove keratin, high-frequency vibration.

-Scope of application: plastic surgery hospitals, beauty clubs, skin management centers, entrepreneurial beauty studios.

Package Included:

1X Main Machine

1XPower Cord

1XRF Lifting Head

1XCold Hammer Handle

1XSkin Scrubber Handle

1XHydra Dermabrasion Pen

1XPolymer Atomizing Pen

1XUltrasonic Handle

1XUser Manual


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