Spectrometer LED Beauty Equipment Acne Removal PDT Color Light Mask Photon Skin Rejuvenation Equipment

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Product Specification

Seven Major Nanotechnology Light Waves:

Red Light (penetrating skin 1-6mm): Increase skin elasticity, for skin cell regeneration, effectively improve acne scars, allergic skin.
Blue Light (penetrating skin 1-6mm): It is very helpful for the details of youth diseases, inhibiting sebaceous glands, preventing wound infections, and calming allergic skin.
Green Light (permeates skin 0.5-2mm): It has a very good calming effect for sensitive skin and body and mind.
Yellow Light: Improve skin roughness, wrinkles, treat skin redness and fever, and enhance immunity.
Glaucoma: balance secretion, calm skin, control oil.
Violet Light: decompose stains, improve fine lines and sagging skin.
Circulating Colorful Light: light spots and freckle, whiten skin, deep repair.


-One machine with multiple effects to help you reverse the age of your muscles, clean up acne, rejuvenate your skin, smooth lines, rejuvenate your skin, and control bacteria.
-Light energy is focused, strong penetrating power.
-Photon skin rejuvenation, photodynamic beauty.
-Intelligent control upgrade, the control system is easier to operate, and the beauty process can be personalized according to different needs.
-Folding design, easy to carry, easy to store, small footprint.
-Curved shape design, LED beauty lamp, intelligent control panel, cabin-shaped body design.
-Applicable scenarios: dermatology, beauty salon, home.


Product Name: Foldable colorful light skin rejuvenation instrument
Product Weight: about 4.5kg
Product Model: BM-NFY7C
Commodity Origin: China
Rated Voltage: DC24V 4A
Rated Power: 36w
Product Size: 434x 265x329mm

Package Included:

1x Main Machine
1x Adapter
1x Glasses
1x User Manual
1x Box

Detail Pictures: