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Beauty Equipment

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Product Specification

Seven Major Nanotechnology Light Waves:

Red light (wavelength 640nm penetrates skin 1-6mm):

Improve rough pores, treat microvascular dilation, relieve acne scars, allergic dermatitis, increase skin elasticity, and eliminate red blood streaks.

Blue light (wavelength 440nm penetrates the skin 1mm):

Eliminate acne, reduce sebum activity, eliminate acne bacteria, improve oily skin, and refine pores.

Green light (wavelength 530nm penetrates the skin 0.5-2mm):

The skin calms, relieves postoperative pain and relieves allergic skin.

Yellow light (wavelength 583nm penetrates the skin 1-2mm):

Freckle, improve skin flushing, erythema, pigment replacement, and relieve redness.

Cyan light (wavelength 532nm +440nm):

Penetrate the deep layers of the skin, speed up the metabolism of active tissues, decompose stains, improve fine lines and sagging skin.

Orange light (wavelength 640nm + 583nm):

It can increase cell energy step by step, and has a good effect on metabolism.

Purple light (wavelength 640nm + 440nm):

Promote cell regeneration and the secretion of collagen, purify the skin layer by layer, play a role in deep repair and replenish skin energy.


-Photon rejuvenation, rejuvenating and reshaping the beauty.

-One machine with multiple effects, helping you reverse muscle age.

-Control bacteria, rejuvenate skin, clean acne, wrinkle, rejuvenate skin.

-Applicable scenarios: Dermatology, beauty salon, home.

-Light dynamic beauty, deep radiance.

-287 beams of energy light penetrates the bottom of the muscles, and high-precision photodynamic beauty lamp beads cover all corners of the face densely, so that every inch of skin can be irradiated with light waves, realizing true three-dimensional care, leaving skin tender and shiny.

-Intelligent control interface, simple operation.

-Detachable type, more convenient transportation.


Product Function: skin beauty

Energy Consumption: 32W

Product Size: 480x232x305mm

Product Weight: 2.3kg

Product Model: 7 colors/4 colors

Output Current: DC12V 3A

Package Included:

1x Instrument

1x Goggles

1x Power Cord

Detail Pictures: