New LED Seven color Spectrometer Color Light Photon Skin Rejuvenation Instrument Home Mask Instrument Mask

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Product Specification

Seven-fold Spectroscopy Technology:

The First level: red light mode
Improve skin, rejuvenate and remove wrinkles, deeply repair, stimulate collagen regeneration, and support dry skin.
The Second level: blue light mode
Calms the skin, purifies the skin from acne, controls oil, shrinks pores, relieves oily skin, effectively eliminates acne bacteria, and inhibits the growth of acne.
The Third level: yellow light mode
Moisturize and brighten the skin, improve roughness, stimulate collagen regeneration, and support dry skin.
The Fourth level: green light mode
Balances stability, soothes the spirit, neutralizes, reduces oil secretion, balances the ratio of water to oil, and balances the skin.
The Fifth level: purple light mode
Treatment of acne, acne and blemishes, combined with the effect of dual-frequency light of red and blue light, especially for acne scars.
The Sixth level: Cyan blue light mode
Metabolism, energy enhancement, can gradually enhance the cell energy scene, have a good advancement of metabolism.
The Seventh level: laser light mode
Decompose stains, improve fine lines, speed up metabolism, penetrate deep layers of skin, and speed up the metabolism of active tissues.


-Newly upgraded 149 LED lights, three-dimensional covering every corner of the face, the skin is irradiated by light waves, enjoy the intensive care of the SPA row of lights.
-Anti-acne, Anti-aging, Wrinkles, Balance.


Product Name: LED colorful mask
Applicable People: unisex
Input Current: CA100-240V
Output Current: DC12V 3A
Energy Consumption: 150W
Product Size: 250x200mm
Wavelength: Red light 630nm/Blue light 470nm/Yellow light 590nm/Green light 520nm
Violet/Blue Blue/Laser
Accessories: host/connecting line/remote control/adapter/manual
Weight with Box: 1.05kg
Weight without Box: 0.65kg
Single Volume: 26x21.5x14cm

How To Use:

It is recommended to use with paper mask or essence.
1. Follow the daily makeup removal steps to remove makeup and clean the face.
2. Apply a mask on the face or evenly apply daily care liquid.
3. Put on the mask and plug in the power source, press and hold for two seconds to turn on, select the appropriate mode.
4. After about 30 minutes, the light beautification is over, you can massage the excess facial mask essence or lotion on the face to fully absorb it.

Package Included:

1x LED Colorful Mask
1x Connecting Cable
1x Remote Control
1x Adapter
1x Manual

Detail Pictures: