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Product Specification

There are seven built-in light sources for various skin problems:

Red light: Red LED whitens, renews skin, improves enlarged pores, and treats microvascular dilation.
Green light: It has a calming effect on sensitive skin, and has a good calming effect on allergic skin and body and mind.
Yellow light: Effectively improve skin erythema, erythema, pigment and other problems.
Blue light: Improve acne, reduce sebum activity, eliminate acne bacteria, and improve oily skin.
Glaucoma: balance the secretion of the skin, calm the skin, and effectively control oil.
Ziguang: It has better effect and repairing effect in treating acne and removing acne marks.
Colorful cycle light: 7-color cycle, blemishes, freckles, skin rejuvenation and deep skin repair.


-Optical skin management, six major care effects:
Import and absorb, firming and anti-wrinkle, brightening and removing spots, anti-allergy and acne, detoxification and beauty, acne and printing.
-130 beams of energy light penetrate deep skin, and 90degreslight energy focuses on the beam, improving various skin problems.
-Suitable for long-term indoor office or people who love beauty and less sunshine.
-Create light-sensing skin: clean skin and anti-acne, brighten skin tone, lighten pigment, smooth and firm, accelerate skin absorption, nourish and moisturize, easily create light skin.
-Removable design, convenient to carry and transport, and save space.
-Exquisite shape, let the light gather more, adopt the principle of compass.
-Touch control panel for easy operation.


Product Name: Seven-color folding spectrometer
Product Power: 48W
Product Weight: about 2.5kg
Product Voltage: DC24V2A
Product Size: 368x 134x253mm
Operation Style: smart touch screen

Package Included:

1x Spectrometer
1x Cord
1x Adapter
1x Box

Detail Pictures: