LED Colorful Acne Removing Neck Color Light Beauty Instrument Brightening and Rejuvenating Face Mask

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Beauty Equipment

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Product Specification


-Through the illumination of the colorful light source, it can have a variety of effects on skin care and repair, therapy, whitening ideal skin, and a new experience of deep uniform skin care.
-Multiple functions: acne, wrinkle, firming, hydrating, inducing, rejuvenating, brightening

How To Use:

1. Clean the face. Clean the facial skin, let the water dry naturally, clean the facial skin, let the water dry naturally, and the skin, (do not use a rough towel to rub hard, which will cause large pores, rough skin, and dehydration)
2. Use the instrument. Cover the face mask instrument on the face, select the corresponding spectrum according to personal needs, time selection needs to select the corresponding spectrum, time selection needs. Note: Do not read books or watch TV or surf the Internet during use.
3. Match with a mask. Use with skin care products or facial masks, put on the mask, put on the mask instrument and irradiate it with red light, after completing the set time, clean the mask instrument for the next use.


Product Name: Color LED Beauty Mask
Power Mode: LED Composite Color Light
Light Color: Light Color: 7 Colors
Product Size: 23x20.5CM/15x11CM
Use Age: 16-60 years old
Plug Specifications: EU/AU/US/UK Plug

Package Included:

1X Host
1X Plug
1X Remote Control
1X Manual

Detailed Picture: