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Beauty Equipment

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Power Plug

US Plug(110V), EU Plug(220V)




Beauty hospital, salon

1. Bubble Handle:Adsorb blackheads, deeply clean skin, remove dirt.
2. Frozen Hammer Handle:Shrinking pore/releasing ice force, penetrating deep skin from epidermis, prompting strong skin contraction and delaying aging in an instant.
3. Micro-head Handle:Firms skin & improves fine lines / dark circles.
Spray Handle:High frequency rate of vibration causes rapid decomposition of water, forming nano level spray particles, strong penetration and rapid water replenishment.
4. Shovel Handle: Reduce blackheads / grease / acne / horny / dead skin,Shrinking pores, releasing ice force, penetrates deep into the skin from the epidermis, and promotes skin pores to shrink to form a protective film.
5. Ultrasound Handle:tighten and lift the skin to accelerate the absorption of nutrients,promote micro circulation and skin renewal.

LED Mask Function:
1. Red light + green light (640nm + 532nm)
Penetrate deep into the skin, accelerate the metabolism of active tissues, break down pigmentation, improve fine lines and loose skin.
Firms skin, diminishes spots
2. Green light + blue light (532nm + 423nm)
It can enhance the cell energy step by step, and has a good effect on metabolism, balance secretion, calm skin and control oil. Remove grease acne and balance moisture
3. Red light + blue light (640nm + 423nm)
Red and blue dual-frequency light, combined with two kinds of light energy, whitening and skin, improve the convenience of acne and acne impressions have a good improvement.
Acne treatment for hemorrhoids, whitening and skin rejuvenation
4. Red wavelength (640nm)
Penetrate skin 1-6nm, increase skin elasticity, effectively improve acne scars and allergic skin for skin cell regeneration.
Collagen regeneration, fade spots
5. Yellow wavelength (583nm)
Penetrate the skin 1-2nm, improve red erythema on the skin, improve red moon, pigment redness, etc.
Lighten spots and brighten skin tone
6. Green wavelength (532nm)
Penetrating skin 0.5-2nm has a good calming effect on sensitive skin and body and mind.
Care for sensitive skin, dilute spots
7. Blue wavelength (423nm)
Penetrating the skin 1nm, it is very helpful for acne bacteria, inhibiting sebaceous glands, and calming allergic skin.
Antibacterial, anti-infective, calming and soothing

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Package Included:

1 x

Beauty Machine

1 x

LED Mask

1 x

Micro-head Handle

1 x

Bubble Handle

1 x

Frozen Hammer Handle

1 x

Shovel Handle

1 x

Ultrasound Handle

1 x

Spray Handle

1 x

Power Adapter

(According to different countries, we will send corresponding adapter.)

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