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Battery Protection Module

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Product Specification


Overcharge protection:prevent overcharge and affect battery life
Short circuit protection:automatic protection during abnormal short circuit to prevent damage to the protection board and battery
Short circuit protection:automatic protection during abnormal short circuit to prevent damage to the protection board and battery
Over-discharge protection:prevent the battery from being dead and affect the battery life
Over-current protection:prevent current from exceeding the battery's tolerance, causing battery damage
Drop-out protection:prevent the cable from being dropped or the contact is poor, and the battery loses protection
Over-temperature protection:prevent the battery temperature from becoming too high, causing spontaneous combustion or damag
BMS protocol:
VenusOS driver:

BMS with current of 600A requires customers to purchase relays by themselves

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â‘ :CANBUS interface (At present, only jk-B2A24S20P can customize the CANBUS function)

â‘¡:RS485 interface(At present, all JK BMS are configured with RS485 function by default)

â‘¢:LCD interface(Please check whether BMS has LCD interface before purchasing. If there is no interface, LCD cannot be used)

â‘£:Heat Function interface(At present, the heating function customized by customers can be accepted, MOQ50pcs)

⑤:Temperature sensor

These ①②③④ interfaces are on the BMS board.

However, â‘ â‘£ has no actual function, which requires additional customization.

â‘¡â‘¢ There is no need to customize the BMS, just add an LCD module or an RS485 plug-in module.

â‘ CAN function: customized, requires the manufacturer to mount the CAN chip and provide the CAN communication protocol of JiKong. . In addition, you need to purchase a CAN module (before placing an order, consult in advance for customization)

â‘¡RS485 function: buy another RS485 plug-in module and plug it into the GPS interface to use it.

â‘¢LCD function: buy another LCD module and plug it into the LCD interface to use it.

â‘£Heating function: customized, and also need to purchase the matching CAN heating protocol charger. The charger can communicate with the BMS, and the charger must have a heating function. (Before placing an order, consult and customize in advance)

Note: â‘¡The GPS function requires the support of the local operator. Some regions or countries may not support it. Before placing an order, you need to communicate with us to confirm! ! !

Package Included:

1 x JK Smart BMS