GT 2S 24S Automatic Equalizer/ Discharge Balancer for Li ion Lipo Lifepo4 LTO 2 2V 3 2V 3 7V Lithium Battery Balance Protection for Sale with BTC on


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Battery Protection Module

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Product Specification


Positive and negative 100V not bad, can detect reverse connection, wrong connection, missing string
Power on, long press the button for 10 seconds to switch to Chinese or English
This equalizer directly displays the sum and voltage difference of each string
Solves the problem of battery pack unbalance with one button
The equalizer starts the equalization with one button, and automatically stops after the equalization is completed, and warns.
Our equalizer will not charge the batteries during the equalization process. So don't worry about the danger of
overcharging the balance.


Before balancing, please check whether the lowest voltage is lower than the battery's over-discharge voltage. If it is lower than the battery's over-discharge voltage, please charge the balance first, and the battery is fully charged and then balance, the effect will be better.


Support 2-24 series lithium battery pack, support ternary lithium, lithium iron phosphate, too cobalt lithium, support 1.5V-4.5V battery, the voltage is out of range, it will sound a warning and display
Reverse connection warning and reminder: after connection
reverse, overvoltage (greater than 4.5V), low voltage (less
than 1.5V) protection functions are balanced, it will
automatically stop, and a warning sound will sound to
indicate that the balance is complete.
Constant resistance 1 ohm discharge equalization
Large equalization current;
Ternary lithium 4A Max
Lifepo4 3A MAx
Weight: 2.15KG

Display the voltage of each string, total voltage, highest string voltage, lowest string voltage, maximum voltage
difference of battery pack, average voltage, balanced voltage, number of battery strings

Battery maintenance steps:
There is a bad battery cell:
1)replace the battery cell
2)fully charged
3) balancing
4)fully charged
5)battery maintenance completed

Discharge method:

1. Don't charge the batteries, don't worry about overcharging problems
2. The speed of the whole equalization process is the same, and the equalization speed is fast.

Package included:

1 x Discharge Balancer