24S 4A Smart Active Balancer Lifepo4 / Lipo/ LTO Battery Energy Equalization Capacitor Lithium Battery Balancer for Sale with BTC on Gipsybee.com


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Battery Protection Module

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Product Specification


Adapt String




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Adapt battery type

NCM /LFP / LTO (Li-ion/Lifepo4/LTO) fully compatible

power supply

The minimum total voltage of battery pack is greater than 30V. Recommended values: Li-ion battery>10S, Lifepo4 battery>12S, LTO battery>20S; If the battery pack voltage is lower than 30V. external power suppIv is reauired.

Monomer voltage operating range


Voltage balancing accuracy

Accuracy: ±1 mV(voltage measurement accuracy), ±1mV(voltage equalization accuracy). This product is calibrated by Keithley DMM7510

Balance mode

Patented Balanced Architecture flies across capacitors to achieve efficient balancing in conjunction with point-to-point energy transfer algorithms.

Balance current

APP custom settings: 1-4A, because of constant current and constant voltage technology, The balanced current is independent of the battery pressure difference.

Drop-off detection


Undervoltage protection sleep voltage

Undervoltage dormancy voltage can be set by APP customization: 1.5-4.2V

Static working current

Balance off 10mA, Balance on 25mA

Product Size (MM)


Working environment temperature


Is External Power Required

No need for external power supply, relying on the internal energy transfer of the battery to achieve overall balance

Package included:

1 x  24S 4A Smart Active Balancer