Tuya Smart Life 10A-125A 2P WiFi Smart Circuit Breaker Overload Short-circuit Protection Works with Alexa Google Home for Sale with BTC on Gipsybee.com


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Product Specification


Remote control at anytime from anywhere
Schedule ON/OFF
Voice control for Amazon Alexa and Google home
Overload and short circuit protection
Over voltage and surge protection
User manual: click here.


Product Item: Wifi Smart Circuit Breaker
Product Model: ZJSB9-80Z
Rated Current: 10A/16A/20A/25A/32A/40A/50A/63A/80A/100A/125A (max)
Connection: WIFI 2.4G
Rated Voltage: 90-250V
Installation: Din Rail
Certificate: CE

Warm Notice:

This product only support  above input, down output.
Please don't reverse, otherwise the handle can't push up
Some customers have a distribution box at home, the input  line is below, and the output is above.
This situation needs to turn our circuit breaker upside down.

Package included:

1 x Smart Circuit Breaker