SINOTIMER SVP 916 230V 40A/63A Adjustable Auto recovery Under/Over Voltage Protector Relay Breaker Protective Device With LED for Sale with BTC on


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Product Specification


1.SINOTIMER  SVP series automatic over-voltage protection device is suitable for single-phase AC voltage 230V, 50/60Hz, rated working current 63A and below users or loads.When the power situation is unstable, it's protection function will be automatically activated. 
2.It is mainly used for the protection of over-voltage, under-voltage or over-current in the distribution line of residential household box or the protection of single-phase power equipment.
3.Its main feature is overvoltage or undervoltage in the line, overcurrent condition, the product can cut off the power supply instantaneously, protect the electrical equipment from being damaged; when the line voltage returns to normal, the protector can automatically turn on the power supply normally.


1.Stable Performence:The circuit boardss of products adopt good quality electronic components with longer service life and more reliable performance.
2.Easy Installation:35mm standard guide rail installation,easy to mount.
3.Simple Operation:The automatic recovery over voltage and under voltage protective device complies with modular design standards, and its use and maintenance are very simple.
4.Signal Light:The green indicator display, when the power is normal supply. The red indicator display, when the power over voltage or under voltage.
5.Clear Read:Super clear LED display and ultra-wide viewing angle, voltage and current reading can be easily seen at any time.
6.Function:Once the voltage exceeds the limited range of products, it will automatically cut off so as to protect the safely of electrical equipment and persons. The device will re-supply, when the power returns to normal.


Name:Undervoltage/Overvoltage Protector
Rated AC Voltage:230V AC 50Hz/60Hz
Passing Max Current:40A, 63A(Optional)
Over-voltage Protection Value Range:221V~300~OFF(Default:280V)
Over-voltage Recovery Voltage Range:220V~299V(Default:250V)
Over-voltage Protection Action Time:0.1s~10s(Default:0.1s)
Under-voltage Protection Value Range:150V~219V~OFF(Default:160V)
Under-voltage Recovery Voltage Range:151V~220V (Default:180V)
Under-voltage Protection Action Time:0.1s~10s(Default:0.1s)
Over-current Protection Value Range:1A~40A(Default:40A), 1A~63A(Default:63A)
Over-current Action Range:0.1~512s(Default:5.0s)
Recovery Time:2s~120s(Default:60s)​​
Delay Time After Power-on:2s~10s(Default:2s)
Over-voltage Protection:Yes
Under-voltage Protection:Yes
Over-voltage Protection Value Adjustable:Yes
Over-voltage Recovery Value Adjustable:Yes
Under-voltage Protection Value Adjustable:Yes
Under-voltage Recovery Value Adjustable:Yes
Fault Recovery Delay Time Adjustable:Yes
Delay Time After Power-on Adjustable:Yes
Voltage Display(Voltage Measurement):Yes
Current Display(Current Measurement):Yes
Over-current Value Adjustable:Yes
Automatic Recovery:Yes
Installing:35mm Din Rail
Package Size:78x56x85mm/3.07x2.2x3.35in
Package Weight:

Package Included:

1 x Voltage Protector

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