SINOTIMER SVP 915 40A 63A Single phase Self recovery Intelligent Over and Under Voltage Protector Delay LCD Large Screen for Sale with BTC on


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Product Specification

Functions features:

1.Over-voltage protection   221V-300V adjustable (default:280V)
2.Under-voltage protection   219V-150V adjustable (default:160V)
3.Over current protection    1A-63A  adjustable (default:63A)
4.Automatic recovery  2S-512S adjustable (default:60S)
5.Volt-meter    (The first value displays Voltage)
6.Amp-meter    (The second value displays Current)
7.KWH meter  (The third and fourth values display the power consumption)
(The maximum measurement is 99,999kwh.The third value is the first two digits of the kwh.The fourth number is the last three digits of the kwh.)

Product Parameters:  

1.Model number:SVP-915A
2.Power supply:230VAC 50/60Hz 
3.Max.Loading power:40A/63A 
4.Overvoltage protection value range:221V-290(default:275V)  
5.Undervoltage protection value range:219V--150V(default:170V)
6.Power consumption : <2W 
7.Electric machinery life : 4,000 times
8.Dimensions : 65x35x85mm
9.Installation:35mm DIN rail

Package included:

1 x SVP-915A Over and Under Voltage Protector