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Product Specification


1. Truly wireless, get rid of the shackle of wire, suitable for jogging, walking, cycling and etc., the right and left side sync with each other trough wireless and provide stereo output sound.
2. Comes with a 320mAh charging box, portable, easy to carry for outside or travel, provides fast charging.
3. Twins mode & single mode, this earphone contains two pieces, they can be used separately by using both earpieces or one of them.
4. Multifunctional button, simply press one button to pair, play, pause, answer or reject phone calls, super quick pairing with all Android or IOS devices.
5. Ergonomic design, optimized for extra comfort and fit better in ear, suit for most peoples ear. Ease the problem of popping out,soft material to protect ears, make your phone call and music time more comfortable.

1. When you charge for the first time, please remove plastic films on earbuds,make sure nothing left on it. Both earbuds need to connect with metal contactors correctly.
2. The default headset volume is the largest, plesse kindly adjust the volume before wearing, avoiding the original large volume to hurt your ears.
3. In Stereo Mode,when you use it as a pair, both earpieces can control the media (such as Play/Pause) from its own buttons, but only the MAIN earpiece(R/L) has the control of phone calls ( such as Answer/ Hang up/ Reject/Mute/Resume a call)


General Specification
  Brand   BOROFONE
  Model   TWS02
  Color   Black
  Wearing Type   In-ear
Technical Parameters
  Microphone   Yes
  bluetooth Version   V4.2+EDR
  Battery Capacity   320mAh, 3.7V
  Charging Time (h)   1.5h-2h (earbuds);
  1.5h-2h (Charging box)
  Talking Time   Approx. 2h
  Working Time (h)   Approx. 2h
  Standby Time (h)   Approx. 180h

Package  Included:

 1* BOROFONE TWS02 bluetooth Earphone with Charging Box
 1* Charging Cable
 1* Manual
 4* pairs of earbuds