K17 Wireless bluetooth V4 1 In Ear Earphone Headset Headphone For Mobilephones for Sale with BTC on Gipsybee.com


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Product Specification

bluetooth Version: V4.1
Transmission Range: 10m
Playing Music Time: About 6 hours
Talking Time: About 8 hours
Charging Time: About 1 hour
Size: Approx. 16x30x25mm/ 0.63x1.18x0.98"
Good tone quality, wireless control, enjoy musics anytime anywhere
Super small size, lightweight, easy to carry
It allows you to put your device in the pocket or bag, and enjoy musics or answer the phone through bluetooth anytime anywhere without bothering from a mess of cable
Multi-point connectivity
Transfer calls between two cellphone
Support voice report number. When phone call coming, automatic report telephone numbers to avoid important telephones
Support voice reminding function. Real-time report to users the status of the bluetooth earphone, handle skillfully

Package Included:

1 x bluetooth Earphone
1 x Ear Cap
1 x User Manual