2PCS Soft Memory Foam Earbud Tip Buds Cap for Airpods Pro for Airpods 3 Earphone for Sale with BTC on Gipsybee.com


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Product Specification

1. Sponge silicone air foam replacement ear tips buds for Airpods Pro headphones.
2. Soft enough, does not hurt ears for long time wearing.
3. Blocks more sound for improving noise cancellation.
4. Stronger hold of headphones in ears. Comfortably fit.
5. Tips fit in charge case while on the headphones however the ends must be tucked into the bottom of the case before closing lid.

1. Name: air foam ear tips replacement
2. Model: E37566
3. Color: Black
4. Material: Foam (Soft)

Packing includes:
2pcs Air Foam Ear Buds
(Earphone is not included)