REXLIS 6 35mm Male to Male Audio Cable Gold Plated Stereo Straight to Elbow Audio Adapter Cable Connector for Sale with BTC on


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Product Specification



* Brand: REXLIS

* Model: TC030L

* Length: 1m / 3m / 5m

* Cable diameter: 5.9mm

* Color: black

* Shell: zinc alloy

* Interface plug: gold plated

* Wire: PVC outer cover + aluminum foil shielding + braided shielding net + pure copper conductor

* Product usage: used to link electric guitar, microphone, power amplifier, combination sound and other equipment




* With aluminum foil braided shield, it can effectively resist interference and eliminate noise.

* The plug is made of zinc alloy, and the contact point is gold-plated, with good contact performance and strong oxidation resistance


Package Included:


1 * 6.35mm Male to Male Audio Cable