HCJTWIN Type C to 3 5mm Male Audio Cable Connectors Adapter Cable 1m Connection Line for Microphone Recording Mobile Phone

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Audio Cables Connectors

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Product Specification


1. Brand: HCJTWIN

2. Name: type-C to 3.5mm male

3. Interface: 3.5mm, type-C

4. Length: 1 m

5. Model: black, gold, pink, blue

6. Material: copper wire

7. Outer cover: color woven

8. Interior material: aluminum alloy

9. Product weight: about 25g

10. Product line diameter: OD3.5mm

11. Number of branch joints: single head


1. High purity oxygen free copper copper wire can realize low loss in the process of sound quality transmission and achieve high fidelity of sound quality.

2. Applicable to nova7 Huawei p30pro / P20 / mate20 glory 20 mobile phone 9 millet 10 etc.

3. Inter part adopts high quality aluminum alloy material effectively avoid the oxidation rust effect.

Package Includes:

1 x Type-c to 3.5mm male audio cable