AUX Car bluetooth5 0 Adapter Audio Receiver HD Audio USB Connector for Wireless Speaker bluetooth Audio Shengwei UDC 329B

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Product Specification


- Brand: Shengwei

- Model: UDC-329B

- Name: AUX bluetooth audio receiver

- Specification: version 5.0, 10m long distance transmission

- Interface: USB interface / 3.5mm audio port


- The natural length is 40cm and the elongation can reach 1.2m.

- High performance chip, better power consumption and better bass quality.

- Small shape, beautiful and generous, spring design, not afraid of the cable is not long enough.

- Automatic connection of mobile phone, accurate play of navigation prompt sound, so that you can focus more on driving.

- bluetooth 5.0 technology is used to reduce audio loss, improve call quality, efficient transmission, clear sound quality and stable signal.

Package Includes:

 1 x AUX car bluetooth adapter