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Attendance Machine

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Product Specification

All-metal case design.Organic glass panel (Acrylic touch screen).
8000 user capacity for storing and reading to provide a powerful security, 
The high-grade built-in microprocessor with strong anti-interference ability,high safety and reliability.
Data copy and backup to the same series of access control.
Circumscribed humanized tamper alarm function. 
Can be used as card reader or standalone access controller.
External Wiggins dummy:WG26/34 input and output. 
Can set up management cards(Deleted card and added card).. 
Active and passive lock signal output.
Imported double point relay output signal port.
Support three opening door: ID card , Password, ID card+Password
Model Number: ZK-FP881E
Color: Silver
User capacity : Support 8000 users
Working voltage: 12V
Quiescent current: ≤50mA
ID card reading distance: 5-10cm
Storage capacity: 8000 user card
Ambient temperature: -20 ° C -70 ° C
Ambient humidity: 0-95%
Opening time: 0-255 seconds (adjustable)
Card type: EM ID card
Wiegand: WG26/34 input and output port. 
4.Manager card to issue new card or delete card etc.
Support three type opening method: ID card , Password, ID card+Password
Product size: 133x67.6x23.5mm
Package size:190x125x55mm
Package includes:
1 x Access Controller
1 x User's Manual