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Attendance Machine

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Product Specification

Material: ABS, Metal
Color: As the picture shows
Size: 20*8*7cm
Functions: Redial function, Mute function, Flash function
No Need Battery, plug into Wall, start to work.

Function introduction

  • 1. Answer the call: the external line comes to the local machine to ring, lift the handle, you can talk to the other party, the call is completed, put back the handle to resume the on-hook state, so as to avoid long-term busy line to prevent outside calls.
  • 2. Make a call: (A). After lifting the handle to hear the dial tone, you can make a call and hear the ring back tone, indicating that the called party's phone is connected, waiting for the other party to answer, and the call can be hung up after the call is completed. (B). Lift the handle and directly press the number keys to enter the phone number you want to dial. If you find any errors, you can press the “receive switch” and then re-enter the phone number you want to dial.
  • 3.  Pause function: In the off-hook dialing state, press the “Pause/PA” button to pause for 3.6 seconds.
  • 4. Mute function: Press and hold "Mute/MUTE" during the call, the other party can't hear your voice; if you release the "Mute/MUTE" button, you can continue to talk to the other party.
  • 5. Redial function: In the process of making a call, if the other party's line is busy, you can press the - down line switch, and then press the "Redial / RD" button, the phone will automatically re-draw before you dial Repeat the above action until the dial is passed.
Package included:
1 X Phone
1 X Cable 

Please allow a little color variation for different display setting. The pictures are only for reference, please make the object as the standard. Thank you for your understanding!