DAERXIN TCF 1000 Mini Desktop Corded Landline Phone Wall Mountable Fixed Telephone for Home Office Hotels

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Product Specification

Compact size and lightweight corded landline telephone for home, hotel, office, call center, etc.
Number and function buttons integration design, more space-saving and more convenient to use.
Supports Mute/ Pause/ Hold/ Reset/ Flash/ Redial functions.
Powered by telephone line, no battery required.
With 4 anti-slip mats at the bottom, can be placed on the desktop stably.
The holes on the backside also allows you to hang it onto the wall for flexible usage.
Product Name: DAERXIN Fixed Telephone
Model Number: HCD601P/TSD-111
Color: black/white
Material: ABS
Curves: CM, 4-pin
Straight line: CM, 2-pin
Recording function: none
Caller ID: None
Visual function: None
Number storage function: None
Function: Pause/Flash/Redial
P/T model
Wall Mountable
Redialing: Yes
Flash off: Yes
Pause: Yes
Uses: Hotel family bathroom
Product Size: 7.5 x 21 x 7cm
Package includes:
1 x Telephone
1 x Telephone Line