10Pcs/Set 10 10CM Wall Stickers PVC Oil proof and Waterproof Home Living Room Bedroom Kitchen Bathroom Decorations for Home Office for Sale with BTC on Gipsybee.com


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Art Kit

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Product Specification


- PVC material, good density, easy to color, delicate and comfortable hand feeling, without leaving any residual glue.
- Using high-precision inkjet patterns, 300DPI high-precision printing.
- The surface is covered with a cross pattern protective film, which is non-slip and scratch-resistant and durable.
- Vinyl material, corrosion test 360 hours non-destructive feel delicate and comfortable, with water and oil resistance characteristics.
- Using high-end imported materials, good ductility, no trace of peeling in five years, and can avoid bubbles.
- Use on ceramic, wood, glass, porcelain, or stone.
- Peel off the backing & place on a flat, clean surface.


Material: PVC
Size: 10*10cm/4*4inches
Color: as the picture
Quality: 10PCS/SET

Package included:

1 x Tile stickers