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Arcade Video Games

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Product Specification


Compatible model: for Raspberry Pi Retropie Arcade DIY Projects, for Raspberry Pi 2 Retropie Arcade DIY Projects, MAME DIY Projects, USB MAME Cabinet Arcade DIY Projects, Video Games Projects, Windows PC Games & Fight Stick, etc.
Simply connect your arcade controls to it with the included wires, plug the encoder into your computer, and enjoy arcade controls for gaming such as MAME, PC gaming, and console emulation.
Also a great encoder for making a fight stick.
You can use them to DIY your own arcade machines.


Material: Plastic, Electronic, Components
Color: Mix Colors
LED Buttons Voltage:12v
Push Button: 4 x 3.3cm/1.57 x 1.30 Inches
USB Wire Length: 180cm/70.87 Inches
Encoder Board: 8.5 x 3.5cm/3.35 x 1.38 Inches


1. The item needs to work with the MAME emulator. So before you build your own project, please download one to work with the parts.
2. If you use this kit to build your own Raspberry Pi Retropie Projects. Please search the steps before your DIY.

Package Included:

2 x Zero Delay Keyboard Encoder
2 x USB Cable
2 x 5pin Cable for Joystick
16 x Wire Cables for Buttons
8 x 2pin Cables for Joystick
2 x 4/8 Way Joystick (with ball top handle)
16 x Push Buttons
16 x Microswitch for the Push Button
16 x Fixing Rings
16 x Retaining Nuts
16 x Holders