PandoraBox DX 3000 Games 3D Mini Arcade Game Console Support PS1 FBA MAME SFC SNES MD Mortal Kombat Game Player with Gamepad for Sale with BTC on


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Arcade Game Console

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Product Specification


The mainboard includes classic retro arcade games and home games,The game has been optimized by many software and hardware developers, And with super high-level playertested, Let you return to the original feeling of the game.

The product has the function of open high quality screen, Better adapt to the era of high quality screen requirements.

You no need to buy extra video converter, because mainboard support multiple output ports, Support HD digital output 720P to any HDMI port display device, And VGA output. Support downward compatible to old display devices.

Support language: EngIish, Korean, Spanish

Support HDMI audio AUX audio output and the integrated power amplifier output to the speaker of the mainboard(Speaker output can be turn ON/OFF in system setting).

Support the custom function of arcade button and gamepad, support more than 90ï¼… of gamepad types connect to USB to play games.

Support edit your favorite 99 games at the top of the game menu.

Support pause function in the game.

Package Included:

1 x PandoraBox DX Arcade Game Console

2 x Wired Gamepad