PandoraBox 3D 64GB 4018 Games Wireless WIFI Retro Arcade Game Console 14 Inch IPS Screen Fighting Arcade Home Game Console for Sale with BTC on


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Arcade Game Console

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Product Specification


Brand-new 12-core processor, brand-name chips, fast, smooth and not stuck

4018 games, 169 3D games, 3849 2D games

Customize the key sequences, you can set the key sequences according to your own habits

Multi-language switching, enter the background settings and switch between simplified, traditional, Korean, English and other languages ​​at will

Support 3D game special handle, restore the most realistic game experience

It can be a one-click burst, and three burst modes can be selected

Game difficulty can be set, and part of the game difficulty and life value can be changed

Mobile phone wireless projection on the same screen, the same screen/projection screen two modes are optional

Download games wirelessly, connect to WIFI and download games independently

The game can be paused, read, and archived at any time. Clearing with one coin is not a dream

HD resolution, three display modes are available: HD resolution 1280x720, a scan line, original ecology

Support 4 people online, 4 people online, relatives and friends, parent-child time, the whole family can play

Search, classification function, new practice mode, can search for games by letter, can classify games by simulator, can search for recent games

Added coin function, coin function can be set, free play, number of coins, coin insertion, and hourly charging mode

Package Included:    

1 x Arcade Game Console