Carbon Gas Monoxide Alarm CO Detector Household Alarm Smoke Detector LCD Display

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Alarm System
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Product Specification

Features :

--Accurate detection to protect family safety at all times.
--Electrochemical sensor, accurate concentration display.

About carbon monoxide detection method
* When the measured gas concentration in the environment reaches the alarm concentration alarm set value, the detector gives an audible and visual alarm indication.
* The green power indicator flashes every 35 seconds, indicating that the detector is working.
* Red alarm light. When the detector enters the alarm state, the red alarm indicator flashes quickly and the buzzer sounds.
* The yellow fault indicator, the yellow fault indicator is always on, and the LCD displays "Err". The buzzer "drops" twice per second, indicating that the detector is malfunctioning.
* Test button: short press, green light, yellow light is always on, red light is flashing, buzzer beeps, the display shows the maximum peak concentration of the latest alarm, if any indicator, display or buzzer is abnormal, Please repair in time to prevent the detector from sounding an alarm when a danger occurs.
* If you press and hold the test button for more than 5 seconds, the peak record is cleared and the screen displays "000".

Specification :

Color: White
Size: 9.5x9.5x3.8cm
Working voltage: 4.5 (V)
Alarm current: 10 (mA)
Static current: 20 (uA)
Working temperature: 55 (℃)
Scope of application: household
Type: Gas alarm detector

Package includeds :

1 x Gas Detector
1 x Manual
2 x Screw

Details pictures :