Pneumatic Connector Pneumatic Push In Fittings for Air/Water Hose and Tube All Sizes Available for Sale with BTC on


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Air Cylinder

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Product Specification

Pneumatic push in fittings fits for air/water hose and tube all sizes available.

Body: Acetal and Brass Nickel Plated Finish Resin
Lock Claws: Stainless Steel
Thread: Coated Threads
Seal: NBR
Pressure: 0-10 bar Maximum
Temperature: 0 to 60°C
Fluid: Air - Water - Vacuum
Type1= Cross 'X' Fitting 4/6/8/12mm  
Type2= Multipie Tee 4/6/12mm   
Type3= Ball Valve Fitting 6/10/12mm  
Type4= Flow Control Fitting 4/6/8mm 
Type5= Bulkhead Fitting 6/8/12mm
Package Included:
1 x Connector

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