220V 4.5L Aircooler Standventilator Windmaschine Air Cooler Fan 3 Wind Speed Double Water Tank Design for Sale with BTC on Gipsybee.com


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Air Conditioning Appliances

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Product Specification

Main Features:

● Three speeds, cool and free to adjust.

● Personalized universal casters, easy to move freely.

● Wide-angle air supply, large range and comfortable body.

● Shut down the page manually to prevent the baby from accidentally touching.

● High intensity refrigeration ice crystal, continuous cold storage, dilute cold for a long time.

● Double water tank design, fill up once water can be used for a long time, without frequent water addition.

● High strength and low temperature resistance, continuous storage of cold, release of cold, and long maintenance time.


Name: Air Conditioning Fan
Model: H40076
Color: White
Voltage: 220V AC 50Hz
Power: 65W
Water Tank Capacity: 4L/4.5L
Wind Speed: 3 gear
DimensionProduct Size: 60.00 x 29.00 x 26.00 cm
Package Contents
1 x Air Conditioning Fan, 1 x Remote Control(without battery), 5 x Ice Crystals, 1 x Filter Element, 1 x Wrench, 1 x Manual