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Product Specification




Fan volume








Power supply

 suitable for Micro-USB

Storage tank time

 3-5 hours under full water

Water storage capacity


Cooling range

 2 square meters



â—†Cool and cool: Naturally play a cool breeze, so that you can enjoy it at work, sleep and when going out.

â—†Moisturize the air: Nano water molecules are emitted into the air, which can make you breathe more smoothly, sleep more comfortably, and make your skin healthier and moisturized.

â—†Clean and healthy: The nano-material filter element can filter the dust, PM2.5 harmful substances and allergens in the air for you to breathe healthily.

â—†Principle of the air conditioning fan is that the water in the water tank is pumped to the ice curtain through the water pump, and the air blowing is cooler after the ice curtain cools down.

◆Easy to use: easy to operate,and by simply adding water and ice to the reservoir.

â—†You can enjoy the cool wind while watching the mobile video in the summer.

â—†Two gears can be adjusted, the wind speed can be adjusted.

â—†Suitable for home, office, leisure, entertainment, a variety of occasions, lightweight and easy to move.


Package Included:

1 x Air Cooler Fan

1 x USB Cable

1 x User Manual