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Product Specification

◆Made with premium quality materials our push pins are created to withstand many years of use. They are made of stainless steel and hard plastic.
◆Office Style Pushpins are equipped with a specially designed thick tip & sharp end, making them easy to use on all kinds of cork and cloth boards, as well as walls.
◆Its portable compartment make it great for office work, school work, art projects, vision boards, & all kinds of visual projects that may need color-coded organization.
◆Let you hang everything on a board in a perfect way to stay organized
◆Each pin in this 100-pack features a sharp steel point to secure papers in place and can easily be removed or repositioned. Assorted colors let you create a bright display or color code items. Ideal for multiple uses around the office, these push pins can be used on maps, corkboards and calendars.
Product Name: JJ-YD0026 Push Pins
Product Brand:Jordan&Judy
Model Number: JJ-YD0026
Material: PP+ Iron
Color: transparent + colorful
Product size: 24mm (Push Pins); 68x24x100mm (box)
Product weight: 18g (not including box); 50g (including box)
Package included:
1x 100pcs JJ-YD0026 Push Pins(with box)
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