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Product Specification

Over view:
 Welcome to the modern world! This smart door lock brings you a smart and convenient life.This smart lever door lock allows you to feel safe, secure, and in control of your home or business no matter where you are. keyless entry door locks with handle are easy to install, no wiring and no drilling, safer and easier for you to install, Smart door lock fingerprint perfect for decoration interior door in the residential home, apartment, or commercial business office building.
The smart fingerprint door lock provides you with 4 secure and convenient ways to instantly unlock it. You can open it by using fingerprint, TUYA App, passcode and just mechnaical key. Or you can remote control via TUYA Gateway.
No need to worry about how to install it, this fingerprint lock is suitable for all kinds of doors. Easy for you to install within 1 minute(See the manual for more details). We take advantage of our previous experience to make it easier, more convenient and user-friendly.
Main Features:

- No Keyhole Design
It compeletely abandoning traditional keys and locks, and realizing real security under the condition of completely remote opening and closing.

- Lengthen the Antenna
The signal is stronger, safer and more sensitive.
- Increase the USB External Power Supply Function
Make sure that the lock works when the battery is dead.
- Three Unlocking Modes
Remote control unlocking, Bluetooth unlocking, and WIFI unlocking.
- Easy to Install on Various Doors


Brand Name: WAFU
Color: Gold, Sliver, Blue
Remote Control Distance: 15m
System: ASK single system
Transmission Frequency: 433MHz (+500KHz)
Lock Size: 155×96×80mm
Controller Size: 60×30×10mm
Battery: AA battery Ã—2/AC(not included)
Package InformationGross Weight: 1.1kg
Net Weight: 0.7kg
Package Content
Standard Version: Smart Lock Ã—1, Remote Control ×4, Cable Ã—1, Screw Package Ã—1
Tuya Bluetooth Version: Smart Lock Ã—1, Remote Control ×4, Cable Ã—1, Screw Package Ã—1, Phone Control Bluetooth Adapter Ã—1(Not included power adapter)
Tuya Wife Version:Smart Lock Ã—1, Remote Control ×4, Cable Ã—1, Screw Package Ã—1, Phone Control WIFI Network  Adapter Ã—1(Not included power adapter)
2 batteries are waiting for you for 365 days.
Its power consumption is low, as long as 2 dry batteries
(not included) can maintain 1years of use, waiting for you to open the door every hour.
WAFU 019 no touch function, WAFU 010/011 have this function.