Tuya Waterproof Outdoor Smart IP65 Fingerprint Door Lock Digital IC Card Rim Electronic Motise Lock WiFi Knob for Sale with BTC on Gipsybee.com


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Product Specification


Waterproof in four aspects:

1. The fingerprint head waterproof cover is waterproof;

2. The surface of the 304 stainless steel shell is waterproof

3. Epoxy seal for circuit board

4. Waterproof silicone pad for waterproofing

- Easy to install and no wiring

- Outdoor or indoor both suitable

- Left or Right opened door both suitable

- Semiconductor fingerprint rim

- Using IC card(not RFID card) avoid duplicate

- Electronic smart door lock for home or house, villa

- Security motise lock waterproof applied, IP65 level

- Tuya version(Optional) with Wifi module integrated, no need extra gateway/bridge to connect smart phone

- Suitable door type: wooden door, steel door, iron door, aluminum door, metal door (Thickness 20-80mm)



Lock front: Zinc  alloy (Waterproof)

Lock mortise: Stainless steel (waterproof)

Audio language

English audio guide

Power supply

4.5-6.5V (4pcs AA batteries, but not included)

Working current

Less than 280mA

Working temperature


Working humidity


Unlock way

Fingerprint, Password, IC card, Keys, remote by Tuya APP(Optional), remote by RF433(Optional)

Fingerprint users


IC card users


Password users


Fit door type

Wooden door, steel door, iron door, metal door, aluminum door

Fit door thickness


Package Included:

1 x Panel (Waterproof)

1 x Rain Cover for Panel

1 x Lock Body (Waterproof)

1 x Anti Rain Pad

3 x Keys
1 x Cylinder
1 x Screws + Fix Plate
2 x IC Card

Model Options

(1) Waterproof + RF433: Fingerprint, Password, IC card, Keys,  remote by RF433; Fingerprint panel--waterproof,indoor lock---waterproof
(2)Waterproof + Tuya: Fingerprint, Password, IC card, Keys,  remote by Tuya APP; Fingerprint panel--waterproof,indoor lock---waterproof