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MAD Gaze X5: The World's Most Advanced Smart Glass

There is an auto-translate application that translates everything the glass sees into the language of your choice

Instant Translation â€" Ever walk around a foreign country and have no idea what is going on? MAD Gaze is going to fix that for you

Social â€" MAD Gaze allows users to make phone calls, text, send multimedia to contacts, access personal data assistant (PDA) and play any media. Seeing as this is the main reason people are on their smartphones all the time, by replacing that phone with MAD Gaze, a lot more time will be spent looking up

Entertainment & Games â€" Imagine playing your favorite game not having to look down at the screen, or using AR+ to play games where your surrounding real world interacts with you. Suddenly, the game becomes more interactive than idle. The world is enriched

MAD Gaze takes gaming to a whole new, more exciting and entertaining level. As a player, you truly feel in-game

GPS Navigation â€" The GPS on MAD Gaze will ensure you never get lost. With the map and directions right in front of you

Package Included:     

1 x MAD Gaze X5 AR glasses