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Product Specification


Earmuffs designed for Oculus Quest 2 VR, they focus the sound more directly to your ears to transmit and amplify the sound to improve the audio quality, and increase the sound immersion when you are playing games without wearing earplugs. You bring a better VR gaming experience

Reduce Noise Leakage: Guide the speaker sound to your ears, reduce noise leakage, so that it will not disturb people around you, allowing you to enjoy a more private virtual reality experience. At the same time, you can either cover your ears or close your ears. They keep your ears clear so that you can still hear the sounds around you. It is also great if you share with others for hygiene purposes

Soft Silicone, Perfect Fit: Made of non-toxic and odorless high-grade soft silicone, it will not harm your skin even if it is close to your ears. At the same time, its customized design ensures the firm fit of for Oculus Quest 2VR and comfortably fits you The ears are durable and light, so you have no burden. It also keeps for Oculus Quest 2 white earphone band clean and will not get dirty

Easy to Use: Quickly install and remove, align the earmuffs to the side of for Oculus Quest2, then put it in, finally press it from the end to ensure it stays tight

Brand: Hibloks

Model: Suitable for Oculus Quest 2 original headset and elite strap

Material: Silicone

Product weight: 119g


Due to the problems of lighting effects and shooting angles, there will be certain tolerances in the product, please understand

Due to manual measurement, the product has some size tolerance

Package Included:

2 x Hibloks Earmuffs(Other products are not included)