Creality 3D CR 10 Smart Pro 3D Printer 300 300 400mm Print Size Full metal Dual gear Direct Extruder/AI HD Camera/Spring Steel PEI Magnetic Sheet for Sale with BTC on


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3D Printer

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Product Specification

â–¶ Products will no longer be sent with SD cards and USB and TF cards.

â–¶ Please Download the File:

1. CR-10 Smart Pro User Manual V1.2:  Click to Download

2. Product Firmware: CR-10 Smart Pro20220214SW1.0.13HW CR-FDM-V2.5.S1_100( 03 Mar. 2022) Download

3. Slicing Software

â–¶ FAQ

1. Is it able to connect the printer to computer for model printing? For answers to all questions please click on the links to open for more information.
2. Should I shut down the printer manually after printing?
3. Where can I download the slicing software?
4. How to conduct leveling?